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Parent Resources

At Play By Day Pediatric Therapy Services we believe that working together with families is crucial  to each child’s success. These resources can help parents in in understanding their child's diagnosis and individual challenges.

boy learns how to ride bike in therapy

American Occupational Therapy Association

NJ Occupational Therapy Association

NJ speech Hearing Association

Center For Parent Information & Resources

Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory Resources

Learning Disabilities Online

Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities

Play By Day Therapy

At-home self-care screening

 18-24 Months

Kids this age can usually:

-Remove socks and shoes

-Hold cup with one hand

-Tolerate feeling of nose being wiped with a tissue

-Begin to wash and dry their hands

-Put on simple shoes

 3-4 years

Kids this age can usually:

-Put on socks and shoes

- Zip and unzip zipper ( with help to engage)

- Complete snaps


-Button large buttons

-Flush toilet

 24-36 Months

Kids this age can usually:

-Use a fork

-Use a napkin

-Bring spoon to mouth with little spillage

-Indicate need for toilet

-Drink from a cup without handles

-Take off and put on pants

-Unbutton large buttons

 4-5 years

Kids this age can usually:

-Hold fork and spoon with fingers

- Brush hair

- Set up and complete teeth brushing

-Engage zippers

-Orient front/back of clothing

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